Saturday, October 15, 2011


I normally only see the group of students I chose to work with for one period a week.  I asked the teacher that has them the period the following day if it would be okay if I took her class so that I could implement Day 2.  

The simplicity of the Voki tool would be perfect for my students.  They would be able to create an avatar and then copy and paste their responses from the word document into the text-to-speech option offered.  This would allow their “About Me” assignment to come alive.

For the second day, the students logged onto the Internet, typed in the address, and signed in using my account.  I used the Smart Board to model what buttons/tabs the students had to click on in order to create their avatar.  I gave the students the option to make their avatar resemble themselves or design their own. They had a great time choosing all the features and would stand up and move to another student's computer to see what the other student had made.  

Once the avatar was made, the students opened up the "About Me" document from my network folder and copied their answers.  They then pasted them into the text-to-speech box and chose the voice they wanted to use.  What happened next reminded me of a video Katie had made of the Full Sail orientation, where all the student's new Macs turned on and lit up at once.  Unplanned, all of the students had clicked the "play" button and all of their Vokis starting talking at once.  It was the coolest thing and for one minute, all of the students stopped talking and were mesmerized by what they had made.  I wish I had the camera rolling at the time, but once they stopped, the students could not stop talking about what they had just made.  

I again videoed and shared the movies with Katie so that she could see all of the work my students had did.  We have already met to discuss what our final project video will look like. 

You will have to wait and see what the students came up with, but in the meantime, I created an example of the About Me Voki below!!

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