Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Chapter 6 has by far the most information to me.  I had seen all of these available features while making my previous videos, but did not know how they all worked.  Chapter 6 did just that!  While watching this chapter I came up with my idea for my iMovie for PE3.  I brought my video camera with me last month to Washington, DC for my cousins wedding to practice using it.  Sixteen of my family members flew out of Chicago and I captured some great memories.  After my iMovie assignments in the previous months, I thought it would be nice to put it all together.  Because I just purchased my first home last week, Christmas will be done on an extreme budget this year!  This assignment will allow me to start this little side project.
I loved this chapter because it taught me the many techniques to up my skills and really add some professionalism to my video.  I especially loved the one-step effects of holding a shot and changing the color:

I will definitely be using the stabilization tool because it was one of my first times using the camera, and I have some good clips from the dance floor! :)

I do like the idea of the blue and green screen tool, but I do not see being able to paint a wall in my office blue or green so I could video myself to use it.  I will have to research or find a way to be creative so that I can try this tool out without painting!  (Especially after painting for 2 full weekends, I don't want to see a can of paint in a LONG time!)

I am very glad to have gotten instruction on the movie trailers.  They looked so interesting to use on my Introduction video in month one but I couldn't figure out how to change or use them.  I think due to the time limit of the iMovie for this assignment, I will try making a trailer to my actual iMovie I am making for Christmas. We will have to see how good mine looks compared to the examples :)

Until completion.... K-

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