Saturday, October 8, 2011


A certificate = expert, right?
I have officially finished my iMovie training!  Yayyyyy! 

I learned so much throughout this training.  Although long, my movies from here on out will be much better than the ones I have produced during months 1-3.  I still believe that this training should be done during month one.  It would ease so much confusion and technicalities that come with the first iMovie encounter!

So after spending hours trying to fix the lighting on my wedding videos taken on my camera, I switched my topic to my new house.  I thought it was a good choice since my life has revolved around cleaning, painting, and learning to fix things my dad used to always take care of! :)  I used the automatic and custom color changes, but it is still pretty dark since there was almost no lighting in my house when it was taken.  After videoing my sawzall experience, I think I am going to have people take videos of all my "firsts" of house repairs!  It will be a great way to document this whole learning process!  

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