Tuesday, October 4, 2011


So far I have watched Chapters 1-4.  All I keep thinking is WHY wasn't this assignment part of Month 1.  I was totally new to a Mac and I can remember spending 5 hours on creating my one minute introduction video because I had NO idea what I was doing.  I could not figure out how to import my pictures from my desktop or how to change one of the "pre-made" layouts since I didn't have any video footage.  I was nearly in tears!
Chapters 1-3 was nothing really new to me after having to use iMovie for the past three months, but I still watched them.  I did find some shortcuts on things than when I have been doing them on my own.

Chapter 4 seems very time consuming.  I do not know if I would spend all that time rating and tagging clips.  I already seem to not have enough hours in the day, and to spend all that time prepping for the actual making of a video seems pretty tedious!  It was a neat feature and I can see it being useful in a longer production, but normally my videos are recorded for a specific assignment so I know exactly where they are.

I wanted to write this blog before Chapter 5 on editing because I am sure this is the point where I will learn a TON!


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