Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wk4 Wimba


This week I missed Wimba because I took part in the Chicago Teacher's Union Rally in downtown Chicago.  It was one of the most unique experience I have ever taken part in.  Nearly 10,000 people were in attendance to fight issues on pay increases, class size, job security and curriculum quality before a proposed strike at the beginning of next year.  Our district is moving to a "full school day," adding hours to both the elementary and high school day without reimbursement as well as moving to a "merit-based pay" system.  

The experience went perfectly with the readings and the the thinking behind possibility.  

I turned our bus sign into a "Rally Sign"

As much as I enjoyed the experience I was really sad to have missed last nights Wimba after watching the archive.  I have officially become obsessed with this book and would have loved to take part in dissecting and collaborating thoughts on it.  As I have mentioned before, I purchased two print copies of this book to pass on.  I spent my lunch break today highlighting the key quotes I have chosen from each of the readings to add a little of "me" in each gift.  

The two biggest takeaways I have found from this book is the concept of "giving an A" and "Rule Number 6."  I have passed on some of these ideas to my administration and they too are interested in reading this book.  I personally think that if all of the staff at my school were to read this book the morale would be INCREDIBLE.  I know that this book has opened a part in me that needed to be opened and my outlook is much different and I need it.  I found out last week that instead of working 3.5 hours Monday through Thursday for 6 weeks and having the entire month of August off, I will be working Monday through Friday, full days, the ENTIRE summer.  The break that I thought I would have post-grad school is now a WHOLE lot different.  But I am not saying "why me" but looking at it as an opportunity for me to grow.  

I really liked the entire layout of this class.  I thoroughly appreciate that Joe has continued to give us light on what is to come in month 12.  This is the first time this has happened along the way and it is an excellent way for all of us to get prepared for our final month. 

Thank you Joe for a fantastic and enlightening month.  I was initially overwhelmed by all of the assignments, but they all fit perfectly and were so meaningful, that I had no problem completing them.  Thank you for introducing me to this book and opening my mind to all of the things that are to come!

See you in 35 days!

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  1. You are very welcome and thank you for sharing your passion and challenges. This stuff is very real.