Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wk2 Leadership Blog Post

I have been looking at different journals for publication purposes.  Being a special education teacher throughout this journey at Full Sail has made me modify a lot of my assignments or the way I would implement things that I have learned.  For the first time I get to choose special education first.  

I have found two publications that would be appropriate for me to submit to:

"CEC publishes and distributes products designed to help practitioners work more effectively in the classroom. This focus encompasses: discussions and applications of proven teaching methods and strategies; curricular materials; pre-service and in-service training materials; techniques for working with particular populations of students; assessment materials; analyses of emerging trends and issues; special education policy materials; and other products that facilitate effective teaching and administration."

"The Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET) is an open submission journal that publishes three non-topical Issues and one topical Issue a year. Topics appropriate for the journal include, but are not limited to:

  1. discussion of Issues and trends in the use of technology in the field of Special Education
  1. reports of experimental or applied research that deals with the use of technology or assistive devices for people with disabilities
  1. analysis of policy developments at the state and federal levels that impact the use of technology for people with disabilities
  1. description of program models that incorporate the use of technology in the education of people with disabilities, the transition of people with disabilities, or the leisure time of people with disabilities, etc.
  1. description of teacher education programs that incorporate the use of technology in the education of future special educators and/or others whose focus is the provision of services to people with disabilities
  1. reviews of the literature that focus on technology in special education"

I am familiar to both of these journals because I am a current subscriber. I feel that it is appropriate for me to submit my article to a journal focused on special education because I would relate to more readers than to those journals just pertaining to technology.
Although I am a huge fan of CEC, my first choice is going to be the Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET) because my AR project directly related to implementing technology- this would hit both key elements of my research.  
After doing research on each of the submission requirements of each, I am excited to turn my project into an academic paper.  Even if this paper does not make it, this entire AR process has taught me the ways to be able to submit something in the future.  

Best of luck to everyone!
Time to get typing!
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  1. Kristen,
    Good luck with your Journal entry. Special Education in my opinion needs to be broadened. Your reports on using technology for those with disabilities should be very helpful. I feel that after being in education for many years I am seeing a need to set up technology for all students. Most students have a weakness in some area. Your input to this area should be great asset to this journal.