Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wk4 Blog Post - Art of Possibility (8-12)

I have officially finished this book and it has been an amazing experience!  I have officially highlighted all the key points I found in this book, wrote personal notes, and sent off the two copies to two special recipients this morning.  I cannot wait to hear what they have to say when they receive this special little package and complete reading it.

These are the key things I found this week:

"Certain things in life are better done in person."  (123)

"Enrollment is the art and practice of generating a spark of possibility for others to share."  (125)

"... enrollment is about giving yourself a possibility to others and being ready, in turn, to catch their spark.  It is about playing together as partners in a field of light."  (126)

"The life force for humankind is, perhaps, nothing more or less than the passionate energy to connect, express, and communicate.  Enrollment is that life force at work, light sparks from person to person scattering light in all directions.  Sometimes the sparks ignite a blaze; sometimes they pass quietly, magically, almost imperceptibly, from one to another to another."  (139)

"You move the problematic aspect of any circumstance from the outside world inside the boundaries of yourself.  With this act you can transform the world."  (141)

"I lose my power.  I lose my ability to steer the situation in another direction, to learn from it, or to put us in a good relationship with each other.  Indeed, I lose any leverage I may have had, because there is nothing I can do about your mistakes- only about mine."  (142)

"... declare: 'I am the framework for everything that happens in my life.'"  (142)

"'If I cannot be present without resistance to the way things are and act effectively, if I feel myself to be wronged, a loser, or a victim, I will tell myself that some assumption I have made is the source of my difficulty.'"  (143)

"Grace comes from owning the risks we take in a world by and large immune to our control."  (142)

"Gracing yourself with responsibility for everything that happens in your life leaves your spirit whole, and leaves you free to choose again."  (143)

"In the fault game your attention is focused on actions- what was done or not done by you or others.  When you name yourself as the board your attention turns to repairing a breakdown in relationship..  That is why apologies come so easily."  (149)

"...we create the conditions for the emergence of anything that is missing.  We are living in the land of our dreams."  (163)

"In the realm of possibility, there is no division between ideas and action, mind and body, dream and reality."  (164)

"A vision is a powerful framework to take the operations of an organization of any size from the downward spiral into the arena of possibility."  (168)

"As a teacher I have enormous opportunity to create possibility in every conversation."  (175)

"... think in terms of the contexts that govern us rather than the evidence we see before our eyes."  (178)

"The WE appears when, for the moment, we set aside the story of fear, competition, and struggle, and tell its story."  (183)

"We need never name a human being as the enemy."  (190)

I am really glad that I chose to pick apart this book by quotes.  Now I have a compilation of reminders to keep myself on the right track to success.  This book can be a reference to all aspects of life: work, home, relationships, personal struggles, etc.  I believe that I am headed in the right direction to fulfill many aspirations I have in life.  I have felt great after every reading session and it has usually been followed by a run that is more clear and peaceful than normal.
I would have never expected a book like this to be part of this program and I cannot thank Joe enough for fitting it into his class.
Thank you very much!

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  1. Great collection of quotations and wonderful way to remember what parts of the book meant the most to you. I'm glad the book was such a great surprise.